album of logos

it seems that, for some reason or another, i have designed some logos :)

in a way, they show who i have been / what i have been part of.

escenaconsejo logo
escenaconsejo, 12014
escenaconsejo logo
escenaconsejo, 12017
generative and animated (197 KiB)
rata panchis logo
ratapanchis, 12018
les bradigatis logo
les bradigatis, 12019
espiropuzzles logo
espiropuzzles, 12020
laboratorio de escena en red logo
laboratorio de escena en red, 12020
jardĂ­nBit logo
jardĂ­nBit, 12021
generative and animated (71 KiB)
compudanzas, 12021

the generative ones were created using processing, and the others were created using inkscape.